Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced the launch of Einstein, an advanced analytics system that will enhance experience of its millions of CRM users.

Every discovery of Salesforce is adding a layer of intelligence to its customer relationship management software. And why not! Development is all about automation and what better way to achieve that than adding intellect to the primal business software. Bringing artificial intelligence into analytics can open new doors to understanding your customers and change the shape of your business altogether.

What Einstein brings into the table?

Analytics is “factual information derived from systematic analysis of data and statistics”. They give a whole new level of insight into your business and helps improve your approach. Understanding what’s happening with your business is important – a need that is effectively served by analytics – but why it is happening is a question that is not easy to answer.

This ‘why’ can be answered now with the help of Einstein Analytics.

In the words of Salesforce,

“It is impossible for anyone to spot every trend, understand every correlation or test every hypothesis by manual data exploration alone. To address this challenge, today we are announcing the launch of Einstein Analytics so millions of CRM users will be able to utilize advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence “

Einstein features – A quick overview of “what it is capable of”

– Einstein will analyse through all your data to suggest predictions and recommendations based on the uniqueness of your business

– With an AI embedded with every system, your entire workforce now has a data scientist working with them, growing and becoming more capable as your business grows

– A portfolio of contextually-relevant, self-service analytic apps

– Pre-configured with role-specific KPIs to boost your sales ,service, and marketing channels

A Scenario explaining how it works

Say you have thousands of deals for your business and you are having problems identifying the one that would be most productive.

Here’s how the new Einstein Analytics can help you.

It will tell you the top 3 factors that can have the greatest impact on closing the deal across products, industries, or regions.

See it in action by taking a demo here:

Here’s a glimpse of how it looks like: