The internet of technology is transforming the world with a slow and steady pace. Organizations are increasing their capability by adopting internet of things devices; enterprises are rebuilding an IT-enabled network and infrastructure; IoT solutions is getting distributed across an array of field use devices to make day-to-day life easier. In fact, 2017 is the first year where there will be all real-world experiments of IoT.

You have witnessed a whole lot of growth in the last few years and predictions apart, the future of IoT is going to get a real shape this year. How? Here are a few proofs:

Convergence with Blockchain – IoT and Blockchain will be converged to create a more resilient and sustainable ecosystem. The concept of Blockchain can open doors to a new category of applications and devices if combined with internet of things. This possibility has attracted various experts and they will be hell bent on making it a real thing this year.

More mobility – IoT is changing the way things are connected. The proficiency of using mobile devices to get what you want – right from controlling home appliances to managing your chores with virtual assistants – will be a more enhanced. Various connected devices will provide a stream of realtime data that can be used by services providers to better understand the need of their consumers..

AI will take the stand in Iot deployments – IoT devices will see deployments across various cloud services and gateways. Artificial Intelligence will use this distributed architecture to mine data for companies and help them make better decisions.

New networking and communication devices will be tested – In 2017, new forms of wireless connections will be tested, such as 3GPP’s narrowband (NB)-IoT, LoRaWAN, and Sigfox. While many are also saying that 5G too will see the dawn of the day, it is far too away from getting fully developed. New forms of wireless connections will offers experts the opportunity to evaluate connectivity protocols and choose the right channel to move forward.

Smart cities will be the first benefactor – Smart lightings, convenience transportation and parking, smart meters, on-delivery trash pickups and many other features of a smart city are going to be realized this 2017.


IoT Tech Expo – Berlin, 1-2 June 2017

Taking place in Estrel, Berlin, the IoT tech expo will showcase the most cutting-edge development from more than 100 exhibitors. Also, 200 keynote speakers will share their industry knowledge and experience.

IoT Tech Expo North America 2017 – 29-30th November in Silicon Valley

Another IoT tech expo is scheduled for this November at Santa Clara. The expo will highlighting the part of IoT that is covering Smart Cities, Connected Living, Data & Security, and similar topics.

These advancements and various other developments that are happening around the world is a clear proof that IoT is going to have a bigger and better show in 2017.