Microsoft created a furore among its fans for the second time by announcing the release of Visual Studio for Mac; first was during the Ignite conference last month. The launch of its primary coding interface on MAC computers is a huge step for Microsoft, a company that had so far made sure that developers used only Windows-specific coding tool.

Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tool by Microsoft that enables developers to develop software across various platforms. This IDE for MAC will be similar to the solution available for Windows.

Needless to say the release is a great news for developers who work on MACs. The decision by Microsoft for bringing its mobile-first, cloud-first coding tool for .NET and C# to Apple products is a first.

A Developmental Shift!

The change is nothing less than a developmental shift and one of the most unanticipated news considered by many. Nobody ever thought Microsoft would end its Windows dependency and work on something that was competitor-specific. However, things have started to change with the software giant lately.

Cloud is the future and the 2016 Ignite Conference by Microsoft clearly stated how the company understands it. Also, open sourcing tools like Azure and Amazon’s AWS, Heroku, and Docker are fast replacing the local server. Microsoft knew it was losing fast to other many other open sourcing tools and it was only a matter of time before professionals get more comfortable with non-Windows applications.

Hacker News user BoysenberryPi wrote, “They make their money off Azure and other services. In other words, they are making their money mainly off of developers now and its in their best interest to get on the good side of devs which is why they suddenly have a vested interest in open sourcing tools and helping Mac/Linux,”.

The original post was deleted

The news was released by a blog post that was soon taken down by the publishers. Seems like they had a change of mind and the decision was not a final one. However, the Internet never forgets and so here is a cached remains of the original post:

How visual studio looks on mac - Sunil Jagani

“At its heart,” Microsoft said, “Visual Studio for Mac is a macOS counterpart of the Windows version of Visual Studio.” The Mac version’s user experience has been designed in such a way that it will ‘look and feel’ like a native macOS application, but with the same undertones you’ll find in the Windows version. And, of course, there’s still Visual Studio Code as a more lightweight option.

TIm Anderson of ITWriting said, “It’s a rebranding of Xamarin’s technology”

So, when will the suite see the light of the day?

Probably on 16th November at the Connect() developer event. As per the article, the preview will be unveiled at the event and will be available for download from the website

Visual Studio for MAC is clearly an attempt by Microsoft to maintain its stand in the app market and cozy up developers who work on Macs to build their apps.