The US election 2016 turned out to be the most shockingly surprising and unpleasant event for the entire world. The biggest and most powerful economy decided on its president and the result was not what everyone hoped for. Hillary Clinton, the first ever women to run for president, was beaten by her only infamous competitor Donald Trump.

Now, the whole world is asking but one question – How Hillary lost? There were a million reasons why Donald Trump had almost zero chance of winning this election. The fact that his own party supporters deserted him not less a fortnight before, was the final confirmation for the Americans – and the rest of the world – that Hillary will be future president. The result, however, was entirely opposite. So, what probably would have gone wrong here.

Here are the top 5 reasons why she didn’t got elected:

1. She didn’t show Americans the dreams that Donald did

Although Trump made more headlines for controversies than he did for policy, he was able to show fellow Americans the dreams they thought never existed. Promises like “to build a great, great wall on the southern border”, “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”, etc., were blunt and startling, but something that Americans could have hoped for.

Hillary’s promises on the other hand were nothing but classical reforms that come by default with every new change of face.

2. Bad marketing

Search for “hillary clinton slogan” and you will see mixed results of phrases and photographs that wouldn’t look anything like a slogan. Now search “Donald trump slogan”. What do you see? That’s right. A single phrase “Make America Great Again” populates the entire page in different variations.

That, right there, is a sheer example of excellent marketing brilliance of Donald trump. Hillary never had a memorable slogan like MAGA, which was endlessly repeated. It’s not about who is going to accomplish what, but it is about how you make them feel at the moment. Donald trump made them feel good and this is where Hillary lacked big time.

3. Excess of over-confidence

Hillary had a commanding lead till last week but things changed last minute. Why? Classic example of complacency. Hillary’s overriding confidence in the final weeks of the 2016 race diminished the trust of average Americans and created the grounds of complacency. Mr. Trump’s deteriorating competency might have pressed her the advantage, but this was not the time to cash in on someone else’s loss.

Now voters who were not happy with either of the candidates chose to go in favor of the vulnerable one, which in this case was Trump.

4. Social awkwardness

One thing that kept cropping up since the moment she declared herself as the nominee for the presidential campaign was the email scandal. The fact that she used a private email server for official conversation even if it flouted state department protocols and procedures was a major demotivation for her supporters. Numerous FBI investigations into her historical wrongdoing flashed on news channels throughout the campaign, which didn’t go well with her public image.

And, although she finally got a clean chit by the FBI only a day or two before the votings started, it was merely observed as a show of power and control.

5. Too much of Obama

Obama consistently pressed on how electing Hillary will be better for the Americans as they will get to see another prosperous 4 years of the Obama administration. Like The Washington Post reported, “if Clinton had won, one party would have been elected three times in a row”.

This is not meant to doubt Obama’s leadership capabilities, but observations explain that people often choose a president’s polar opposite when they are not very sure.